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I was there man

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Our Changing Seas IIICourtney Mattison. Glazed stoneware and porcelain. 

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Graphic designer, web wizard and motiongrapher Gustavo Torres was born in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1977.

I’ve studied traditional since i was a little boy, then i grow up discovering the earliers computers like Dynacom, Scpectrum, Commodore. I’ve started to mix all my knowledge and learning software since 2001. So i can say my work is a real mixture between the real handcraft world with the digital world.

His style is eclectic, old school mixed with the new digital technologies. Check out his work at  Tumblr I Twitter 


Monocasco Concept Bike

The Monocasco Concept Bike is an electric version inspired by the original Ossa Monocasco bike of Santiago Herrero. Reliving the legacy of the legendary Sabtiago, who died racing his Ossa in the 1970 Grand Prix, this bike is a fitting tribute. The story goes that Ossa abandoned racing altogether after this tragedy. - Via



Personal Branding: Business Card

By Martyna Wędzicka



Meet Imbue, a small creative tool that attaches to your sketchbook. It replaces rulers, t squares, triangles, and compasses on the go.

We know how quickly ideas come and go, and how creatives need to put down their ideas on paper as soon as it hits them. That’s where Imbue comes in to aid your creative mind to quickly draw up your idea.

We decided to rethink how people use drafting tools on the go. Imbue takes your large cumbersome drafting tools and compacts them into their most essential form.

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3D paperworks by Maud Vantours



When I think about it, this couldn’t be more accurate

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